Posted by: sammw2ms | October 5, 2009


This week, we had to make a movie about our research topic.  This was incredibly helpful for me to try and hone in on what exactly I want to do with this.  And this is how I have tapered it down some more, without getting so specific that I will struggle to write 25 pages (which I have only ever done once).  I want to create an argument for Harry Potter’s validity in the classroom.  Maybe I will open on the controversy that Harry Potter has created and why it is banned in some places, so I give a justification for this argument needing to be out there.  From there, I will go into what I can teach kids from it.  One of my old professors mentioned the themes of being an outsider and bullying.  I could have them write a journal entry on how they might related to these themes.  I could also use Harry Potter as a basis for teaching them plot structure.  What part of the book is the climax?  The denouement?

Then, there is the idea of all of the myths and history embedded into this series.  I took a class in college on children’s literature and we studied the etymology of the names.  We could then, as a class, look at some of the sources behind everything and talk about how there is more to writing fiction that just writing what is in your head.  Many authors do a lot of research to make their books have deeper meaning.

I’d like to finish the project with a few pages of solid lesson plans that I hope to one day use in my classroom.  The age that I want to teach is fifth grade and this would be a perfect book to teach them many valuable lessons, but also maybe give them a hook to start enjoying reading.

Here is the movie that I made.  It’s a simple conversation where the teacher (me) is addressing the concerns of a parent regarding using Harry Potter for the classroom.

I have just tried everything to get this to either post as a link or a video and it won’t work. So, copy and paste this link into your browser to see the movie! If you have any other ideas on other angles or ways to expand this, please share!



  1. Hi Samm,

    Great work on the remix assignment! Do you see any role for xtranormal-type assignments in your own classroom?

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