Posted by: sammw2ms | October 16, 2009

5 page paper reflections

Just finished 5 pages and feel very unorganized. I can’t figure out where I am going with this. I have so many ideas, that it’s becoming very hard to narrow them down. I have decided to just focus on the first book. And as I was writing, I started to try and go through chapter by chapter to have some sort of organization. I have talked so far about the theme of friendship/teamwork and also of isolation. I am trying to include discussion questions that can be used in a classroom as the book is being read together. But I wanted to really try and find an new angle or edge that hasn’t been done before. That is what I am having a hard time with. And maybe my edge is just that this could be a good teacher’s companion guide to teaching the book. I want to have lesson plans involved and planned activities to go along with the book. I really want to focus too on how the reading of Harry Potter can hopefully inspire children to read more.

The next part I’d like to research and focus on are the myths and legends that are mentioned. For example, Nicholas Flamel’s legend of the sorcerer’s stone is a real legend. In the book, he is crafter into a real person who also happens to be friends with Dumbledore, the school’s headmaster.

I would also like to take a look at the schools discipline. In Britain, they employ the use of prefects and a Head Boy and Girl to help teachers make sure other students are following the rules. They also have the house system, where messing up or doing a good deed either loses or gains points for your house. This is a huge motivation for the students to do well in class and follow the rules, or everyone is going to know who lost the whole house points.

I am also having a hard time trying to find research to back up some of the things that I know. I have been in so many Harry Potter discussions, that a lot of the insight I have is from those and impossible to cite. I need to figure out how to go about being able to still include that information.



  1. Hi Samm,

    Perhaps now might be a good time to brainstorm some section topics/headers? Have you had any fortune with secondary literature in teacher education (see below). Best, Jim

  2. When Harry first gets his books, he does look over them. However, Hermione devours them and tries to memorize them all. A class discussion might be on what-if any-subjects/books have grabbed the students’ interest and why. How do they approach getting new textbooks each year?Does an interest in a book carry over into other subjects, etc?
    The mythological creatures mentioned in the books might tie in with history and literature both if the students are studying ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ireland,etc.

  3. If you are looking at the Brittish boarding school system, there are many young adult novels in England that you could find and read. I can’t give titles because I don’t know any but that was part of the inspiration for Rowling. Apperently, they are like Hardy Boys or Babystitters Club are here – something that kids in England have always read. She said in an interview once that she wanted to play with them, no one had written them in years and she wanted to make them anew.

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