Posted by: sammw2ms | December 7, 2009

about to hunker down and finish…

Facebook: Off. Two books on the myths of Harry Potter: next to my computer. The rest of the paper: Completely planned out and almost written in my head. Just need to catch up on a journal post before my final reflections come later this evening. I think the reason that I haven’t had so many is because I haven’t worked on it other than when things are due. Papers come very easily to me and I picked a topic that I already knew a lot about, so everything else followed suit. Most of the “work” was done in my head as my mind wandered to and from the idea of Harry Potter and what I did and did not want to include. Really, there is so much I would love to talk about, that I would love to be an author on one of these books, or have an article in some scholarly work on Harry Potter. But for now, I will settle on turning in a really good paper (I hope) and the boy wizard who captured my heart during my freshman year of college in 1999. I just realized as I wrote this that I probably started reading Harry Potter almost EXACTLY ten years ago! Now it’s off to learn a bit more about some of the crazy creatures in Rowling’s world as I put the final section and finishing touches on my research paper!!


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